Saturday, September 3, 2011

AfRaid Of Love

Iroda Michyo Borijil Molla
at this rate i might go crazy 

ani imi noege
no, actually i already

michyo boryonunji moruji
might be crazy about you

iroda jugo borijil molla
at this rate i might die

ani ije no opshin
no, actually without you

salsu opnunjido moruji
i might be able to live

i sesangen andwenun sarang
an imposisble love in this world

saranghae son joldae andwenun saram
someone i absolutely shouldn't love

norul dorosul surok do ( repeat 1 x)
the more i turn away from you

nomu bogo shiposo ( repeat )
the more i miss you

jakku gobina sarangi nan musowo   ( repeat )
i'm scared of this constantly frightening love

gurim jakkajido guriun saram ( repeat )
i even miss your shadow

guge norasu nomu duryowo
i;m afraid you're the one

nan suchyo gassoya haenunde
i should just passed you by

saranghaji marassoya hanunde
i shouldn't love you

( repeat )

niga nomu duryowo
i'm afraid that it's you

garuchyo jullae 
will you teach me how to do

ottokhaeya i unmyong apeso
what should i do ?

bosonal su isullka
to escape this fate ?

norul saranghae saranghae
i love you, i love you

jugul mankum saranghae
i love you to death

gasumi apa michil gotman gatunde
even if my heart hurt like crazy

shwilsae opshi nunmul hullodo norul
even if my tears dont stop

saranghal su opsodo
even if i can't love you

i love you

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