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Hands to Hands ! Throwback Unforgettable Memories in Kingdom Of Wonder !!!

This is not an ordinary travel like what people always do, but this is the extra-ordinary Travel with theme "hands to hands" 

  Thanks, شكرا, ありがとう, Gracias, សូម​អរគុណ​អ្នក,merci and 감사합니다 for Korean Air for making a space where i can share my super great experienced as well as participate on this tug or war ! ^^

why this travel is different from my travel experienced before ? it is because i chose to travel and do volunteering job at the same time ^^

 i felt wonderful when was chosen to participate on 1st Asean Youth Professional Volunteer Corps (AYPVC) in Cambodia as youth representative from Malaysia !

I consider this as a great opportunity which comes once in my life time because it is my dream to become a global volunteer that can help people in need as well as inspire them to have better life in the future. 

Plus, I never have a chance to visit Cambodia before !!!  yeahh ! here i come Kingdom Of Wonder !
Cambodia Royal Palace
with aims to expose young professionals to community development projects in ASEAN and inculcate the spirit of volunteering exchange and service, Brunei Gov under Ministry Culture,Youth and Sports take the initiative by bringing Youth from all Asean Countries to combine strength, knowledge and ideas to develop people life in Cambodia

why i label this travel as unforgettable journey ? 

why ?

mostly because this journey inspiring me a lot !!! The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart ^^ 

For sure that this journey swayed my heart too excessively,

The first reason why I cant forget this travel is because i had opportunity to met and work together with highly ambitious, passionate youth who all have desire to make positive impact on others from all over Asean Country. I really love you guys !

Why do Volunteering in Cambodia ? 

Today, Cambodia's poor people number almost 4.8 million, and 90 per cent of them are in rural areas. Most of them depend on agriculture for their livelihood, but at least 12 per cent of poor people are landless. all i can say is, Cambodia need help from people like me, you and Us !!!

one of thing's that inspiring me in Cambodia is meeting with this old man. He's 75 years old and he's a farmer. He tell us that he dedicated all his life into farming ! he such and inspiration. In Malaysia, no one would like to become a farmer for the rest of their life !

yeah, that why we should appreciate our self more than before ^^

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself who do you want to be.” 
i Love My Malaysia more after i Came here ! why ?
Because Malaysia provide everything for its people, while in cambodia, they need to survive by themselves. 
This little boy has paralysis, he didn't go to hospital for treatment, because of money problems and hospital is too far a way from his province. we can't give him any medicine but we teach him to do exercise every morning to treat this disease. i felt really sympathy with him. if he was born in Malaysia, he will get the treatment properly. Teary-eyes :'(

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” Albert Einstein
"Prevention  is better than Cure"

Major Cambodian health problems  is cause by the unhealthy environment, as well as neglected to do basic hygiene everyday. are they intentionally neglect to it ? no, because they didnt know the importance of Hygiene. That's why i say, these people need me, You and us !
Health Consultation.
Nutrition Counselling 
Manual BMI check up 

Blood Pressure check up
This is common for Khmer children ? why ? because their parents didn't look after them ? 
no, because everybody busy searching for money to survive !

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
when you travel for volunteering, you know no one, but seeing everybody happy makes you feel happy too. That's why this travel really unforgettable, because i travel with heart, with love.
Cutting Children nails to increase Hygiene awareness
Teaching kids the importance of brushing teeth and way to brush it properly ^^
Doing morning Exercise with Local People, Psy ! Gentleman !
Basic Hygiene as washing Hand has been proven to be an effective way to prevent major diseases in Cambodia.

We told them, if they wash their hand properly, they wont be sick anymore ! Tell them all your knowledge, they need to know !
One of the major problems when doing volunteering in another country is Communication Barrier, We speak English, but they don't, so, the ideas is, lets exchange ! We learn Khmer, they learn English.

Killing Two birds with one stone project !

“If you would only recognize that life is hard, things would be so much easier for you.” 

At first when i came to Cambodia, i thought that khmer people need education to develop this country, but when i saw the reality, they do need money instead of Education, without money, they can't send their child to school.

can we imagine what will happen to these adorable kids in the future ? 
We have no doubt that "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
They need help from me, you and us !
Love is not patronizing and charity isn't about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same -- with charity you give love, so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead.

we are not teacher but awakener !

I once had asked these students, what would you like to be in the future ? Majority of them answered "Teacher! why ?

They didn't get much exposure about Jobs, all they know is Teacher and Doctor! why ?
Because both of this job really meaningful, valuable and important to help people.

"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination"

We travel from Phnom Penh to this rural area, one in Samrong Tong and one is in Island which called Lvea Aem a.k.a  L.A ! 

With aims to increase English Knowledge as well as introducing new teaching methods and technique to the teacher, we do travel far away to these rural area with intention to help, Help is the priority at that time.  “Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.” 

have you ever heard history about Pol Pot Regime ? it is Cambodia History that got a lot of intention from the world because of killing story.

according to the history, during the ruling of Pol Pot regime, Educated people have been killed cruelly with intention to transform Cambodian people into a group to knew and understand nothing !
This tragedy be like a trauma to the Khmer people. Some people from rural area are afraid to provide education for their children in order to make sure of their safety.

They need me, you and us ! All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to persue them ! yeah ! keep inspiring them ! just like Korean air Slogan "be Inspired' !
Cambodia is low land, Majority of people get income based on farming. what will happen if flooding ? Means no income ! In Malaysia, people do farming with help from the Machine, but here, people do it manually.

This is it, the spirit of one Asean through volunteerism that we are looking for !
working under the sun and struggling with mud is not an easy job for young generation nowadays, but we really do a G.o.o.d J.o.b and show the real spirit of one Asean Through Volunteerism.
“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” 
The one of us who finds the strength to get up first, must help the other.” 
“Harness the power of today. Seize the blessings of today! Make something happen, enhance your life, make someone laugh, help !
This travel really different from my travel experience before, there quotes said that "To know more about others culture, u need to be in the culture itself'"

My unforgettable Travel, difficulties, hardship to Cambodia finally End but, 
Seeing their smile makes my travel Worthy !
Photo credit to Daylon Soh
Photo credit to Daylon Soh
Photo credit to Daylon Soh
Photo credit to Daylon Soh
Photo credit to Daylon Soh
Photo credit to Daylon Soh
Photo credit to Daylon Soh
Photo credit to Daylon Soh
I do like traveling around the world, but this journey is my first time traveling for volunteer work. Its really unforgettable, meaningful, momentous, worthwhile, invaluable and worthy travel that never can compared with other travel before. 

P/s : If you looking out to travel somewhere nice, why don't choose Cambodia ? they offer you, nice skies, sunset, and a lot of Historical place to visit ^^
Samrong tong Sunset 

Killing Field

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
Oudong Temple
Independence Monument

National Museum of Cambodia
Cambodia Royal Palace

Visit Cambodia and help develop their tourism industry !
This is what we called travel with love ^^

Feel Free to Comment, i really appreciate if u do that ^^


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