Monday, April 15, 2013

TeLL Me YoUr WisH...

To peOple From All Over The world, This Is My wish..

a ShoRT sTory From a simple Girl ! Anneyong !!!
i begin to know more about korea  after i know DBSK, they look cute and gorgeous with beautiful voice ! because of that,  i start singing their song

" Jinagabeorin eorin shijeoren, 
Pungseoneul Tago Naraganeun Yeppeun kkumdo Kku-eotjji"

Hangul ^^

지나가버린 어린 시절엔 풍선을 타고 날아가는 예쁜 꿈도 꾸었지

then, i start watching korean drama and i'm so into it, addicted ! it makes my tears coming down... sometimes make me feel like i'm in love  , sometimes i'm easily feel sympathy, and sometimes i can feel that i'm not Malaysian Anymore :p , because i really like it !  ㅋㅋㅋ

Can u believe it ? after that, i start joining Korean Languange ClaSs in mY uniVersity... i start reading and remembering i korean already ? ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ

이름은 hayati입니다 ! 잘 부탁드립니다 !

Ka Na Da Ra Ma Ba Sa... I try to remember the alphabets in a week only, i'm fast learner after all
i also try to remember by hearing alphabet song ^^
unfortunately, i can't finish all four korean languange class level ... just like t-ara said, My two eyes drowning into tears.... :'(

then, something unpredictable happened ^^

The Most Interesting part in Myself about korean begin after i Meet Korean Friends !!! They we're coming to my University for an exchange programme, First i'm not that excited...Yeah ! really !
because i said, maybe Korean drama didnt show the reality of korean people..

then, a story begin..... :P

as an university ambassador, i'm responsible to help them while they were in Malaysia..
one day, we're going for snorkeling at Bohey Dulang in Sabah, we're happy taking picture at that time.... ^^

Suddenly, my slipper's fly to the sea... Help Help Help ! i shout !
 i can't swim and i didn't see any of things that i can use to take my slipper out of water..i almost  cry because my slipper's going far away because of waves, then, at that time i heard, Dush !! and i saw there, a Super Man Cameㅋㅋㅋ

 one of my Korea friends go for slipper's rescue ! oMo, he's my savior ! My heart Stop ! 
Just Like big Bang Said " Halleluyah ! i'm Falling, I'm Falling Falling"  :P

after that, i realized, korean drama really shows true things about korean people, Daebak !
Gentleman ! that word was so hard to find in Malay Mans dictionary today...they gone!
after that incident's, we become closed and the best things that i like is, to hear he's calling me, NOona ! NoOna ! Hayati NoONa ! Omo...Neomu-Neomu Chowahae ^^ ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ

then, before they fly back to Korea that night, we promise to meet again in Korea and one last thing he said to me is 

 "누난 너무 예뻐ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ

i wanna sing a song to them " You're leaving me already, i don't know how to retain you, my heart hurt, my tears well up, don't say good bye to me !

안녕이라고 내게 말하지마 !!

Yup, 예 that is the reason why i decided to join this competition with very big hope that i can go to Korea to meet Korean people, see their culture closely, taste Korea delicious food, and visit historical Place with my korean friends before he going to army for two years.. :'(

why i Chose korea ? because i would like to visit some place with a person that i know to guide me.. i really wish to travel to korea and visit some of tourist hot spot there...

NamSan Tower-Must Visit plaCe ^^

Namsan also filming set for korean Drama Mygirl ^^

Nami Island- People in EuroPe have eiffel tower as a symbol of romantic love, but in korea they have Nami Island, symbol for true Love, Me ? i wish to go to both place ^^

Jeju - do : jeju provide Amazing view with great weather and pure nature, if i come to korea, i will go to jeju-do for sure !

because of now is spring season in korea, korea tourism highlight a lot of best place to visit this few months, and i wish to see amazing cherry blossom there ! here are some place that promote by korea Tourism Official Website ^^  i would like to travel to all these cheery blossom place if Koreanair willing to provide me with flight ticket ! please  제발 ^^

* Yeouido’s Yunjungno Cherry Blossom Tunnel
Yunjungno Path, located behind the National Assembly in central Seoul, is one of the most popular destinations for viewing cherry blossoms. As cherry blossoms begin to peak in early to mid-April, the 5.7km path, lined with 1,400 cherry blossom trees, transforms into a snow-white tunnel, just in time for the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival. Some streets may be blocked off during the festival period, allowing visitors the opportunity to fuly enjoy the cherry blossoms.

* Namsan Mountain’s Cherry Blossoms and Forsythias
The Namsan Circular Road, which connects Namsan Library to Palgakjeong Pavilion and the National Theater in Jangchung-dong, is a beautiful scenic route lined with forsythias, azaleas, and cherry blossoms. Although it stands at an impressive 262 meters above sea level, Namsan Mountain is a fairly easy walk.
* Kyunghee University's Cherry Blossom Road
With its charming old buildings and beautiful campus, Kyunghee University is both a prestigious educational institution and a popular tourist attraction. In the spring, some 200 cherry trees are in full bloom, lining the road from front gate to the main building, creating a perfect atmosphere for family picnics or romantic dates. Other cherry blossom sites include the paths connecting the main fountain and the College of Law building, and stretching from the College of Hotel Management to the Art College building.

* Changgyeonggung Palace Cherry Blossoms

Changgyeonggung Palace, one of the major royal palaces in Seoul, is a prime spot for cherry blossoms. The palace is a gorgeous backdrop of ancient architecture in the heart of Seoul for the blooming trees. From time to time, visitors can spot a fantastic shower of cherry blossom rain over the Okcheongyo Bridge. Moreover, diverse kinds of other flowers including maehwa (apricot flowers), sansuyu (cornus fruit) flower, royal azalea are also in full bloom in April.

in addition, i'm someone who afraid of flying because I've experience about airplane that almost crush, that is why i'm afraid to buy cheap price flight ticket again, but, as far as i concern, Korean air 

provide better service, even plane colors enough to calm my heart and fear, that is also one of a reason i wanna chose korean air to bring me to korea, to fullfill my dream.. a wish and dream for a simple girl...^^

once again, special thanks to Korean Air Southeastasia for giving me this opportunity to bring me to My dream country if i win this contest, once again, millions of Thanks for korean air ! also, not forgotten, thanks a lot to Korea Plaza KL for introduce me to this rare opportunity, i hope that i can visit korea and share with everyone the beautiful and great things about korea.. In Malay languange we said " Terima Kasih"! for every reader, if you plan to  visit korea someday, do not hesitate to chose koreanair, i truly believe that they will not make us disappointed!

Please do Like it ^^ Kamsahamnida !

Enclosed here are some information guide related to korea



Tourism Information


Korea Plaza KL


Korean Drama Website



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